About Me

I am a southern girl born and raised in Louisiana but got to Texas as soon as I could. There I met a man whom I tried to avoid, but God's calling was stronger than my fears, thank goodness. I have been married to him since I was too young to get married, and we have been journeying together ever since. I follow him to whatever church God sends us to and help his ministry however I can. As of January of 2014, we are in Brandon, MS where Jason is Student Pastor at Pinelake Church, and we are loving it! Who would have thought we would ever leave Texas.

God has blessed us with three amazing, bright, athletic, and always entertaining boys. I now spend my evenings cheering them on in whatever sport they are currently playing. I have become a pro at filling water bottles, color coordinating our calendar so we don't miss any games or practices and getting stains out of baseball pants.

I have a couple of different jobs. One of course is taking care of the 4 men in our house. The second is working in preschool, either paid or volunteer. I have done so many jobs in three different churches over the past decade ministering to preschoolers and their families, and I love the calling that God has put on my life to give these sweet little ones a small picture of God's love for them. My third job is my home business, Trades of Hope, a home party business selling accessories hand made by women around the world who can earn a fair wage so they can get out of the sex trade, poverty and sweat shops.

In my spare time (Ha!) I like to blog, read, waste time on Facebook and find recipes I will never attempt to make for my family.

Thank you for joining me on this journey as I try to learn more about God's plan for my life and do my best to bring Him glory in this crazy life!

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