Trades of Hope

I am a Compassionate Entrepreneur with Trades of Hope. "What is that?" you might be asking. I can provide you with beautiful accessories made by even more beautiful women from all over the world who are finally able to earn a fair living and provide for their families, getting many of them out of poverty, the sex trade and slavery. I have mentioned this wonderful company before on my blog back in May of 2012 when my husband bought me a gift card and I purchased a necklace and bracelet. I fell in love with them and even more in love with this company and what they are doing around the world.

Women from many countries including India, Haiti, Africa, Guatemala and even parts of the US are making these amazing accessories which are sold through Fair Trade organizations such as Trades of Hope. These women earn between 3 to 6 times what they would earn doing other things in their country. This might not sound like to much to us, but it brings them financial freedom, allowing them to provide for their families, getting them away from poverty, slavery and the sex trade. Most importantly, it brings them pride that they are then able to pass on to their children, making a better life for generations to come. 

I would love to help you throw a Party with a Purpose! Invite your friends and family to come together to learn about how they can help these women too by purchasing some wonderful things. And you earn hostess rewards which can get you free or half price items! Contact me at to book a party. Or you can order directly online at  It will take you to my page in the store where you can begin to buy amazing items that are helping families around the world live a better life. I am also on Facebook at

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