Sunday, April 08, 2007

Where am I?

My same friend Ashley who inspired me to post my first blog over a year ago, is the only one who has commented on my blog. Her second comment was, "What happened to your blog?" I think I wasn't computer savey enough to really get the concept and trying to post another one at one point freaked me out, so here we are over a year later, trying again. Ashley seems to post every couple of weeks, with pictures and now slide shows. I don't know if I'm up to that, but I would like to be, especially considering how different my life is a year later, so here is my second attempt.
So where am I? We have moved from north Texas to south Texas, from the big D to the even bigger H. God has delivered us after 7 long years to a new church, check it out at Jason is now the Associate Pastor of Family Ministries, and is working more than ever, but loving his job, finally! The boys are flourishing, making new friends and really enjoying their school. I have had the hardest adjustment (in my selfish opinion), going from being a weekday director to teaching two days a week in a baby class. God has taught me so much through that transition, let me tell ya! But the upside is that the boys are going to school 4 days a week, so I get 2 glorious days to myself, really only 10 hours, but it is a blessed 10 hours that I treasure! And I am trying my hardest to use those 10 hours for good, being a good mom, cleaning, laundry, etc. But sometimes, I just can't help it, I sit and watch reruns of Law and Order or Gilmore Girls. Can I tell you how much I am dreading the summer, when I won't get those 10 hours!
Anyway, lots of other details if anyone wants to know, but this is my first attempt back at the blogging thing, so I will see if anyone reads this and attempt to attach a picture of my handsome boys. If all goes well, I will add more frequently. God is good to me and I would love to share it!