Wednesday, February 05, 2014

One month in... Things I Love!

One month ago today our moving truck rolled up with all of our belongings and we moved into our new home. After a month, I have discovered some things about Brandon that I really love!

1. The sky is huge here. I know I'm not realistic, but I believe we have the prettiest sunsets and sunrises here. And I can see so many stars at night! Amazing. This is a picture I took the other day sitting in the car pick up line. No big buildings in the way!

2. My new Walmart. Its only three minutes from my house and its smaller, which bugged me the first visit. But now that I'm used to it (I have been there MANY times over the last month) I love it. I can get what I want and get out. They have a large canning section and a sewing section.

3. The trees! I have missed trees! I grew up in LA and went to college in East TX. This feels like home. And so far, knock on wood (HA), they haven't bothered my allergies. We'll see in Spring time.

4. I'm am almost to the place where I'm loving my house. My momma came last week and helped me hang pictures and bought me some new furniture. That helped it feel more like home. Here are pictures of the boys rooms finally finished. I'm not showing them to you necessarily. I just want proof for myself in the future that at one time they were clean and organized. Its been a week since I took the pictures and they are already messy.

5. The people. The people here are just so nice! The checkers at the store, the waiters, the drive through people, the bankers, the dry cleaning lady... everyone is so nice and talks to you like they have known you forever. Yes, there are a few that haven't been, but overall, I am loving southern hospitality!

6. Our church! I cannot say enough how much I love our church. This is the first time in my life that I am sad on Mondays, mainly because that means there is a whole week until I can go back to worship. And I am loving going to church on Wednesday nights too! Who knew? Worship is amazing. If you are on Spotify, you can get our playlist for the next few months. Its SHIFT song list by Pinelake. And Chip's sermons are great too! You can get them here,

Of course there are things that I don't love, but I'm not going to focus on those. No where is perfect but being in the middle of God's will feels good!