Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I'm getting tired of Blues Clues

Both my big boys have enjoyed Blues Clues. Cade outgrew it a while back, I thought. But about 2 months ago he watched an episode and became addicted again. I DVR 3 episodes a day and he will watch them over and over and over. Yes, I am a terrible mother. But most of the time he's not really watching it, its just on. He loves to draw. He would use up my whole stack of computer paper if I let him. Well that makes a lot of sense. I limit his use of paper but not the tv. Oh dear. But at least its a pretty good show for a preschool show, educational, interactive. The other day he wanted me to go online and find some BC games to play. Because of my lovely dial up, I couldn't get the american version to upload, but I found the British version, with Kevin. Very funny! Instead of shovel and pail, there is spade and bucket. And Periwinkle has a girls voice instead of a boys voice. But just to have Kevin's British accent is really entertaining. All the characters have British accents. I would love to watch some of those episodes.
Campbell is still enjoying cereal, tolerating applesauce, enjoying squash, and LOVING sweet potatoes. I couldn't get them in his mouth fast enough.
I have a job interview next Monday night at another church for a weekday director's position. I am very excited and very terrified at the same time. If I get farther than that, I will post more details. I don't want to jinx it. I am just praying that God will open doors He wants me to go through and close doors He doesn't want me to go through. I need a good slamming of the doors sometimes to get my attention. Hopefully they don't hit my nose as they slam!

Friday, February 13, 2009

6 months old!

My last baby is 6 months old. When did that happen? Doctor said he looks great. His weight is down, so time for cereal. She said when we gave it to him, if I tried half the bowl and he was still pushing it out instead of in, then he wasn't ready yet. So last night the whole family gathered round, including Memoo, to watch the event. When I gave him the first bite, he started shaking, which kind of freaked us all out. But then we decided it was out of excitement of something new. He scarfed down the bowl! There was no doubt he was ready. Hardly any came out, and when the bowl was empty, he was looking for more. He was even opening his mouth waiting for the wonderful bite of boring, tasteless rice cereal. This morning I made it thicker, and didn't think that would work, but again, he waited not very patiently for each bite, and inhaled the bowl. I am so proud and excited for him, yet sad. When my oldest was growing, I was so excited for each new thing, the joyfulness of something new entering our daily routine and home. But this sweet baby, I just want him to stop, and stay the same and lay there and just smile at me. But I can't stop him. He is growing, with or without my blessing. And I look at my now 7 year old and think that I can't be old enough to have a 1st grader, and where did the time go. And my 4 year old who is going to kindergarten next year. When my oldest graduated from preschool, I didn't shed a tear, and was so ready to kick him out of the house to big school. But the 4 year old is going to bring a few tears, and I hate to see myself in another 4 years. I will be a wreck! And college! Oh my gosh. Don't even go there! My mom asked me last night if I would turn the crib into the big bed for this one. I stopped that conversation real quick. He will sleep in a crib forever. Oh the joys and sadnesses of motherhood. I wouldn't miss it for the world!

Saturday, February 07, 2009


I am eating some chocolate covered almonds. $2.00. See below.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Sickness all around...

I haven't blogged in so long. Its not for a lack of time. I get online everyday, but I think I check facebook first, which doesn't take brain cells, and by the time I'm done there, I don't want to use brain cells to write something on my blog. That's my theory anyway.
There hasn't been much going on anyway. We've all been sick. Campbell and Cooper had one form of the virus which included fever. And the other three of us have another form that doesn't have fever, so we don't feel as bad, but still have runny noses, sore throats, etc. Its been Campbells first illness where he had fever. We spent some lovely quality time in the guest room the last few nights. Actually, last night I was in tears at 1 am. I was so tired. But then I thought back to the first few weeks of his life when I was up every 2 to 3 hours and I wasn't in tears then. I think God gives new moms some kind of super human strength to get thru those first few months and then it wears off. Campbell will be 6 months old on Monday. I am so sad.
The two older boys have been playing basketball but baseball started this week, so we officially have a sport every day of the week but Sunday for the rest of this month. Oh my life as a mom of boys is just beginning! At least Jason does the majority of it. I think he knows if he didn't, they wouldn't be playing. BTW, does anyone want to buy a chocolate bar? We have to sell $110 worth of chocolate for baseball. And do you know how tempting it is for me to eat it all? Its just sitting in our den, staring at me, but costing $2 a bar. Self-control. Dave Ramsey!
We are about to go to the park. I realized that I only have a few more months of having Cade with me, so I am trying to do more things with him. He loves to play basketball with me. I try to last 10 minutes before I get bored out of my mind.