Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sept. Update

How did I go a whole month without blogging? I'm not sure. I have no real excuses. I did start one a while back, but it was a deep spiritual one and I think the moment passed and I don't know that I can get that inspirational moment back. Hubby and I were on vacation last week and I had time to blog, but was just enjoying doing nothing. And really nothing big has been going on, other than getting in the back to school routine.

Updates, 6th grader is doing awesome, loves his school, began bringing his trombone home yesterday to practice (Yipee). He is starting quarterback for his football team, which is 0-4. They only have 4 players that have played together the last four years, half the team has never played before until this year. We may not win a game this season, and that is ok. I just don't want him to get hurt.

Fourth grader is a super star. His teacher called me yesterday (strikes fear into every momma's heart) but she called to see if I had any questions or needed anything and to tell me what a great kid he is. She is thrilled to have him in her class and we have a done a great job of parenting. Well that's just awesome! Made my week. He is playing basketball with the Y and loving it. And he and big brother play baseball every other Sunday afternoon, when its not rained out. So we are plenty busy with sports, as usual.

And my big boy kindergartener is growing up so fast! J and I were talking that even after one week he changed. I think the mental stimulation rocked his world and his creativity and excitement about learning is so great to watch. We are making huge progress getting ready by ourselves in the mornings without a battle. And he is so proud of himself when he gets a smiley face at school for his behavior, as if we expect something different. He did cry a little bit the first week after lunch according to his teacher. I think the longer days were getting to him, but he's used to it now.

We are making a change in our pick up routine this week to see if not riding the bus helps us get home any earlier. Even ten minutes would help with homework time. But that means I'm sitting back in the car pool line which I complained about all last year. Sacrifices we make!

School is good for me, love singing with the sweet little ones. I'm volunteering at two schools now. I jumped on the opportunity to make copies for teachers at the middle school. No brains needed there, except when they need holes punches and staples and collated. But I have a masters degree. Surely I can pull that off.

You are now updated. God is good and I am thankful!