Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Not much to update actually. I am still 4 cm. and just waiting. Cade was three weeks early, which would have been today. But no signs this time. My doctor is out of town this week, so part of me wants to wait until next week anyway, but a bigger part of me doesn't really care who delivers this baby. I am tired and uncomfortable, can't sleep or eat. You know how it is. And I had an allergy attack at the end of last week, so now I am fighting a sinus infection, again. Chest feels really good, combined with his feet in my ribs, it is just oh so fun. We sent the kids to Paris again this week. I hated to even ask my inlaws after they have already had them a week and she was here a week, but they volunteered. Don't volunteer if you don't mean it! So I am resting, trying to finish up a few things. But everything is ready for sweet Campbell whenever he is ready!

I was not happy with The Next Food Network Star, my least favorite of the three. And I still love both Matt and Jennifer on Design Star, I would watch both of them.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Christy's Picks of The Week

Kind of a random blog of things...

1st Pick-Mothers! As we speak my mother and mother-in-law are upstairs cleaning my nasty bathroom. How fabulous is that. I hope I can return the favor someday.

2nd Pick-Next Food Network Star and Design Star... I am glad that all three finalists are moving on in the Food Network show because I really don't like any of them enough to know who to like best. And I love both finalists on Design Star, so hopefully their final rooms will clear it up for me.

3rd Pick- This is my favorite one to share with Moms. I have discovered 4 shows on TBN, which normally I wouldn't even stop on. But I started recording them and the kids absolutely love them. God Rocks, Friends and Heroes, Auto B Good, and Bugtime Adventures. They like God Rocks the best, a really cool band that plays scripture songs and cartoons with these rock characters that tell Bible stories. Really cute. If you don't have TBN, check other Christian stations. I am sure they are around somewhere. Highly recommend them.

4th Pick-Husbands, mine comes home tomorrow afternoon! I have never missed him more. I have a doctors appointment at 2:30 and his plane lands at 3:30, so hopefully she says I am good to get up again, although I really haven't felt good this week anyway. I am just so glad to have him home again. I can't imagine being a military wife and doing this for years at a time. Very thankful for him.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Guess what?

I finally got my new dishwasher today! It was supposed to come yesterday, and believe it or not, his truck broke down on the way to my house. I laughed for a second before I cried. He said it would be Saturday before he came, but I called the appliance place and said that was not acceptable, and so he came today. I am so relieved to have that off of my list of mental stresses!

I have been resting most of the week. I don't know if there is really a physical change now, or its more emotional, but I have really felt like resting, really tired and uncomfortable, kind of melancholy. Anyway, 5 more days until Jason gets back, so we are almost there!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What a day!

Well, the furniture came a day early, which was great. The chair and ottoman are perfect and beautiful. But then they took the packaging off of the couch, and instead of being blue, it was brown. Luckily I had prepared myself for it to be wrong and didn't pass out. But I am so frustrated, I don't know what to do. And because its custom made furniture, it might be another 4-6 weeks or longer to get the right one. I really want to yell at someone, but I don't know who to yell at. No one will take responsibility and the people that I talk to, I know didn't make the mistake, so I feel bad yelling at them.

Then I went to the doctor, and discovered that his head is down, which my bladder had already informed me of, and I am already 3-4 cm dilated. Normally, not a big issue, but with my husband out of the country for 7 more days, my doctor suggested I stay off of my feet as much as possible until he gets back. So now I am really paranoid about doing anything. I was dilated 2-3 for a number of weeks before the boys, so I am trying not to think about it, but its hard not to. Thank God for my mother-in-law who is as we speak, bowling with my boys. God knew I would need her here more than I did.

Monday, July 14, 2008

What a Week!

Well, Jason is in London as we speak leading a group from our church on a mission trip. You can be praying for them. They are having a great opportunity to reach young people. They are teaching in religious education classes about American Christianity and also teaching American football and baseball to about a 1000 kids. Pretty cool! But, yes, he is gone. The day he gets back I will have 4 weeks left, so we should be fine, but I think the pregnancy has made me miss him more, and be more paranoid about his safety. I am really having to trust God.

Jason's mom is here, and has been a huge help already. Since she is a preschool teacher, I asked her to help me reorganize the playroom, and she got after it. It looks great. The main reason we had to do that, is because the couch in the den has to be moved into there today because, after ordering it 7 months ago, our new furniture is supposedly arriving in the morning. I will post pictures if it really shows up, and its the right furniture.

She is also washing dishes for me since we still do not have a dishwasher! They brought us one week before last, and it was the wrong color. You do not want to know how mad I was. I am doing a Bible Study right now about the tongue, and it didn't help that day. So we might get the new one this Wednesday, but I will believe that when I see it too.

We also bought a new minivan last week. It is being delivered either the end of this week or next week. So in the meantime, I am trying to clean out my car and get it ready to sell. 97 Camry if anyone is interested.

Oh yeah, and I am 8 1/2 months pregnant! And the nursery isn't ready. I think he has turned head down now. A lot more kicking in the ribs and pressure on the bladder. Fun, fun! I have a new theory. When its your first pregnancy, you have 100% of your brain to focus on it, second one, only 50% of your brain, and third one, only 33% of your brain. So, the other 67% of my brain doesn't realize I'm having a baby sometime in the next 5 weeks. When it does have a moment of realization, I have a panic attack. So I don't allow myself to think about it. So, say a prayer for me this week if you think about it, that I remain calm, and take one day at a time, and just trust God for all of the details. Its all minor compared to staying healthy for baby Campbell. Breathe, breathe.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008


I told a friend to check my blog for some pictures and went back and realized I haven't posted any since Feb. I apologize. So here are pics of our kitchen remodel and some random ones of the boys. Enjoy.