Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Not much to update actually. I am still 4 cm. and just waiting. Cade was three weeks early, which would have been today. But no signs this time. My doctor is out of town this week, so part of me wants to wait until next week anyway, but a bigger part of me doesn't really care who delivers this baby. I am tired and uncomfortable, can't sleep or eat. You know how it is. And I had an allergy attack at the end of last week, so now I am fighting a sinus infection, again. Chest feels really good, combined with his feet in my ribs, it is just oh so fun. We sent the kids to Paris again this week. I hated to even ask my inlaws after they have already had them a week and she was here a week, but they volunteered. Don't volunteer if you don't mean it! So I am resting, trying to finish up a few things. But everything is ready for sweet Campbell whenever he is ready!

I was not happy with The Next Food Network Star, my least favorite of the three. And I still love both Matt and Jennifer on Design Star, I would watch both of them.

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ashley said...

Glad to hear you're getting rest! That's never easy... and what sweet in-laws!! I would SO take advantage as well!!

I didn't like the Food star choice, either. He was my least favorite too!