Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Another update

People are apparently checking my blog with baited breath, waiting for some huge announcement. No huge announcement here! Went to the doctor yesterday, still 4 cm. My doctor said that is just ridiculous, its been about a month at 4 cm. And she could tell when she walked in the room that I was miserable. So she "stripped" my membranes, which I had never heard of. Basically she weakened my bag of water hoping that would spur things along. Nothing so far. She said if I haven't had him in the next week, we will induce next week. I would rather not do that, but its fine if we have to. So today we are riding out the overly talked about Tropical Storm Eduard, going stir crazy just waiting around for Campbell to come. My mom came last night to beat out the storm and Jason's parents' bags are packed. I'm really tired of people asking me if I'm feeling any change. I promise I will tell you if I feel something worth talking about. My mom and I, who both have master's degrees, just took a really long time to put together a pack-n-play that I borrowed from someone, even with the instruction book. Stupid people would have never gotten it together!

The boys got home last night from Paris. It was good to see them. There were moments last week where I wondered if I was a good mom because I really didn't miss them as much as I thought a good mom would. But I guess I had other things on my mind. I was very excited when they got home last night, so I guess I'm not terrible.

So I guess keep checking in. Hopefully it will be soon. Although, when I think about it, these are my last days of pregnancy for the rest of my life. So maybe I'm not quite in such a hurry for it to be over. Wait, no, I am ready.


Kim said...

I feel for you SO much! I remember last summer very well. And you're a great mom, even if you didn't miss your kiddos as much as you think you should have! God blessed you with some rest for a reason, and I'm glad you enjoyed it! Enjoy the rain... praying some of it makes it up here (or at least helps to drop the temps!). Give our love to the whole family! Praying for you!

ashley said...

praying things will go well and SOON!! can't wait to see your little addition:)

the bowlin family said...

so fun you have a blog!!! i just found it from reading kim's. i totally understand the misery of the final days. it was not long ago that i was there with jack in my tummy.

you are a fabulous mom. no worries about not missing your kids while they are off having a blast. we all have the same thoughts, well at least i do anyway.

i really miss y'all. i guess i didn't realize how much until reading about your sweet life.

i will be checking back. looking forward to the "birth day."