Monday, October 13, 2014

My Favorites - in the Car and at Home

What I am Watching: Loving new fall TV season. My favorites have returned, NCIS, Big Bang Theory, Castle, Once Upon a Time. I watch Dancing with the Stars in fast forward, love only two or three of the celebrities. And I watch 19 Kids and Counting while I'm doing other things. But I have found a few new shows too! Not that I have time to watch anything else. But I am loving Forever, cute British coroner who can't die, and solves crimes. And I adore Mysteries of Laura, a mix of my favorite things, crime drama, a real mom and humor. Hilarious! Of course, its not getting good ratings, so I hope it sticks around awhile.

There are a few disappointments. I was so excited for NCIS New Orleans, but I don't know if its the fake Cajun accents or bad writing, but its no where near the original series. I have tried a few episodes, but I think I'm giving up. I am still watching Girl Meets World with the boys, but it is very cheesy and hard to watch. There are just enough references to the original series to keep my attention and its good lessons for the kids and something we can watch together.

What I am Listening to: The best CD we have gotten in awhile, Oxygen by Lincoln Brewster.

He's been around for awhile, but this CD is so fresh and fun and great worship! We crank it up in the car and the boys fight over which song they want first. I bought it specifically for the song "Made New" but there are so many great ones. We've actually done "Let it be Known" on Wednesday night at Pinelake. So much fun! Highly recommend it!

We also listen a lot to North Point worship, No One Higher. "Can't Stop Singing" is a favorite in the car too, as loud as we can stand it. Usually there are motions going on in the backseat.

If I only had more time to watch tv and listen to music! But at least the music can fill the time while I'm sitting in the car pool line.

Friday, October 10, 2014

New addition to our Family!

We have been without a dog for 4 years, the longest period in my life without one. And I will admit, I have enjoyed it. Its been nice not having to clean up after one, feed one, and most importantly, worrying about one when we are away from the house. And I was heartbroken after my Gabby passed. I just wasn't ready. But starting a week after Gabby was gone, the boys started asking for a new dog. And I came up with amazing excuses and put offs for a good 4 years. But after we moved, I had run out of excuses. So whenever they asked, I would respond with, "have you prayed about it?" I'll blame God, that works, right? But I really did want to wait on God's timing, even for a dog. I was worried we would get a crazy one, and I wanted the perfect dog for our family. I think it was August the last time one of them asked, and I said "October, we'll get a dog in October." I don't know why I said that, just wanted them to stop asking. Well, October arrived.

Last Thursday night, while the boys were getting ready for bed, I for some reason picked up my computer and searched for schnauzer puppies. I was appalled at how much some people were asking. $1200 for a puppy! Please! But one breeder was only asking $250, much better. They had a few pictures, so cute. So J texted them at 9 PM, thinking we wouldn't hear back until the next day. But within a minute, they called back. J asked if they had any black puppies left, and the breeder said he had sold the last one the day before, but strangely, the lady had just called him back and wanted to return her. The puppy was bothering her allergies. So within 3O minutes we had bought a dog. And I realized I must have been ready because I was jumping up and down and clapping my hands with joy.

We had so much fun Friday buying all the fun dog stuff while the boys were at school. I wanted to buy a collar with a bow, didn't happen.  And then we met the lady in the Kroger parking lot to get my sweet baby. I was in love from minute one. She is the most adorable thing I have ever seen. She immediately curled up in her new bed and conked out. And we got to surprise the boys, which doesn't happen often. We videoed it, but it wasn't as exciting as I was hoping. They were very excited, but they were quiet because she is so little and was sleeping. Awesome!

Then the name discussions began. The last time we got a puppy, there were just two of us to make the decision, much harder with 5 people. We wanted something Disney, something Texas, and something not too girly. After three days, we finally agreed on Sadie Belle Wattly (in honor of JJ Watt). And yes, after the decision was made, I realized the Gone with the Wind reference. Hilarious if you catch it! And then I added on Ghirardelli at the end because she looks like dark chocolate!

She is the bestest little thing! I was dreading having a whining puppy all night, but only once in the whole week has she woken me up to go outside. She sleeps in her crate like a champ. She is almost perfect on #1 outside, but we still have a ways to go on #2 (TMI?) but I am so thankful that she is doing so well. We took her to the vet and they said she is great! The boys love playing with her! We bought some fun pink toys and she chases them around the house. I have never really dressed my dogs, but this may be the closest I get to dressing a girl, so I may have to this time. Her only downfall is, because she is so small and black, she will fall asleep somewhere and then we can't find her. Her favorite spot is between the ottoman and chair, I don't even know how she gets there sometimes.

Cade told me the other day that if we had gotten a dog four years ago, we wouldn't have gotten Sadie. And how God must have let that lady give her back for us. And how crazy it was that I just happen to look online Thursday night. Way to grow your faith buddy! See, prayer does work. Meet Sadie.