Thursday, March 19, 2009


Its been so long. Not a whole lot to talk about actually.
Cooper's team is 4-0, top of their rankings. Jason is the coach, so needless to say, we are a proud bunch.
Cade's t-ball team, well, its just humerous. He really needs to be playing coach pitch. Most of the kids don't know which way to run, or what is going on. Cade gets people out, but doesn't understand that they aren't counting outs or keeping score, so he gets frustrated. He is the all-star of the team if I do say so myself.
But between the two of them, we have a game or practice just about every day of the week except Sunday. Jason does most of it, so I can't complain too much, but I do see my future as a sports mom long and stretched out before me.
Just the sweetest baby ever! Already 7 months old, eats everything you put in front of him, loves to laugh. The joy of my life!
I have been wanting a new camera for awhile. I have a pocket size digital, but if any of you know me very well, I used to be quite a photographer with a really fancy camera, which I still have, but its not digital. So I've been researching for awhile, but with us going through Dave Ramsey, I just couldn't justify the cost. I was at home this week, and my step-dad blessed me with a new camera out of the blue! He just bought this camera, a really fancy nice one, a few months back. But my brother, who worked at Circuit City and is now jobless, called him to tell him he had the same camera, only one model up, for $10, because it was broken. So my step-dad bought it, fixed it, and then sold me his camera for $10! God totally blessed me for being patient! He's so good!
TV Randomness:
I'm watching ER. Who are all these people? I haven't watched in a few years. There is no one left!
I love the Bonnie Hunt show. So funny.
DWTS, I don't really care about the majority of the dancers. No one I'm really rooting for.
AI, I like lots of them. Really rooting for Danny, is that is name?
What I did today:
Cleaned the big boys rooms, went to the zoo, which I knew was a mistake on Spring Break, but we did it anyway. Once we got in, it was ok, but we drove around the zoo, or crawled actually, for almost an hour finding a parking spot. I started to go home, but once you've invested that much time, you don't want it to go to waste. Cooper got allergy shots and we had pancakes for dinner. And most importantly, I didn't kill anyone. There were a few spankings, which doesn't normally happen, but no tears, so I must not have spanked too hard. Come home J, come home!