Saturday, June 28, 2008

Worn Out...

We had Vacation Bible School this week. Back in March when our preschool minister asked me to direct the babies-threes, it sounded like a good idea. I'll only be 8 months pregnant, no big deal. I am worn out! Our theme was a beach theme, so Monday I wore flip-flops trying to be festive. Mistake. The rest of the week I wore tennis shoes, no matter how silly they looked with the capris and Hawaiian shirt I was forced to wear, and that helped a little. I think its my age, because with Cooper's pregnancy I really would have been fine, and with Cade's I was working that much, and I was fine. Thirty-three doesn't sound old. But compared to 27 I guess it is!

The boys are going to Paris this week, so it is my last week to get some things done and have some quiet time before Campbell arrives. I am trying to make a list of to-do's, but just sitting sounds great too! Jason and I are making a list of all the places we want to eat out without them. Buying a mini-van, which should be happening in the next month, and having the baby, will certainly curb our eating out habit. When you combine how tired I was this week, and the fact that we still don't have a dishwasher, we ate out a lot. Black Eye Pea has free kids meals on Tuesdays, so that's a good one.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Search for the ultimate diaper bag...

When I got pregnant with Cooper, I really didn't know what kind of diaper bag I wanted. I registered for two that looked decent, and used one of them the whole time. I realized the other one was just too big for me. When I got pregnant with Cade, I was shopping in Walmart one day, and there it was, the perfect size, perfect cute plaid pattern, just perfect. Used it until it wore out. So this time I didn't think it would be a big deal to find one. I have now looked at every store around I can think of, more than once in case they got new ones, and looked on line, but that doesn't help because I want to hold it, carry it around the store for a minute to make sure its the right size. And I cannot find a diaper bag I like! I found one in Dillards last night I liked, only one left, and it was messed up because someone had returned it. It wasn't perfect because it had a cute little bow on it, and I wasn't sure if it was too girly. But I could live with the bow, not the big mark down the side of it. So my only hope left is to call other Dillards and see if they have it. And I am just shocked how much you can spend on a diaper bag! Its crazy! I guess if you find the perfect one, its something to spend money on since you use it everyday for a few years, but still. Any other suggestions of where to look?

Still no dishwasher. I appreciate the fact that the home warranty is paying for it, but if it wasn't, we could have already been to Lowe's and bought and installed the thing. The warranty process is taking too long!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Baby's name... as of today.

Today it is Joshua Campbell. I asked Jason's mom to just start naming everyone in the family tree, and she said that Jason's great-grandfather's name was Joshua. I then asked, did he kill anyone? No? Just a hardworking farmer. Ok, we're good. And its very Biblical of course. Sounds good with Benjamin and William. So that's it for today. On most websites, "Campbell" means "crooked mouth". But I found one website where it means "amazing" or "bountiful". I wonder which meaning I will go with? And of course, "Joshua" means "God is salvation". Can't go wrong with that!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Update at end of first week

Well, the dishwasher isn't fixed yet. But good news, we get a new one! We still have a home owners warranty, so I just found out they have approved us to get a new one. Now how long it will take to install, who knows. I was feeling rather like a spoiled baby whining about not having a dishwasher, but when I mentioned it at the park yesterday with some church friends, they freaked out more than I did. Absolutely you cannot live without a dishwasher. That's just crazy talk! So they made me feel better, or we are all spoiled babies. I actually handwashed a load of dishes last night, the first time since maybe college. It wasn't so bad. My husband actually asked if I needed help, as I washed the last dish. But I was touched that he offered.

Cooper is bored of his quiet time already, wants to watch tv. I am very proud of my laundry system. Its amazing how only doing one load a day is less time consuming. They actually get folded and put away. I have been told that before by many women in my life who are older and wiser, but I am one of those people who has to figure it out herself. Of course, Cade has wet his bed twice this week, which adds another load.

You still can't go in my bedroom or bathroom. And next week is 24/7 getting ready for VBS, so it probably won't get clean unless I do it today. I'm sure I can come up with something else to do instead!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

First week of summer...

Cooper got out of school last Thursday, so he is now a big 1st grader (in my mind anyway!). Very scary. So, on Friday we started our new summer schedule, and I have to say we have done well so far. We only watch TV when its on the schedule, which is more for me than for them, and they are handling that well. I'm sure its still more tv than many of you let your children watch, but we are doing better. We have done some fun things together, which is good. I have made a "responsibilities" chart, some of which they get paid for, some are just things that have to be done. They have done pretty well with that, no complaining yet. I have reorganized my laundry room, and how I do laundry, so hopefully I won't have 8 loads to do in one day. We are having quiet time in the afternoon so Cade and I can take a nap, and Cooper is being quiet in his room coloring or reading, and that is a great time of day. Church stuff started this week, so we have a stay home day schedule and a church day schedule. We may cut some of the church stuff out once we try it all. My in-laws made a surprise visit yesterday for two nights, and it didn't mess up the schedule really at all. And when I first found out they were coming, I automatically panicked because normally I would have to spend a lot of time cleaning, but I realized the house was pretty good. The two most important goals I had were to cut out a lot of tv, which we have, and start to get myself and the kids organized as far as house work, which we are starting. So I have to say, that I am very proud of myself. Now, don't go in my bedroom or master bath. They are gross. And don't go in Campbell's room. It is full of boxes. But we are making slow progress. My parents finished the kitchen, and Jason moved the dining room furniture back yesterday, so that is a relief. Of course, the dishwasher died today, because that's how things happen in life. Hopefully it gets fixed fast, because hand washing dishes will not fit in my schedule!