Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Search for the ultimate diaper bag...

When I got pregnant with Cooper, I really didn't know what kind of diaper bag I wanted. I registered for two that looked decent, and used one of them the whole time. I realized the other one was just too big for me. When I got pregnant with Cade, I was shopping in Walmart one day, and there it was, the perfect size, perfect cute plaid pattern, just perfect. Used it until it wore out. So this time I didn't think it would be a big deal to find one. I have now looked at every store around I can think of, more than once in case they got new ones, and looked on line, but that doesn't help because I want to hold it, carry it around the store for a minute to make sure its the right size. And I cannot find a diaper bag I like! I found one in Dillards last night I liked, only one left, and it was messed up because someone had returned it. It wasn't perfect because it had a cute little bow on it, and I wasn't sure if it was too girly. But I could live with the bow, not the big mark down the side of it. So my only hope left is to call other Dillards and see if they have it. And I am just shocked how much you can spend on a diaper bag! Its crazy! I guess if you find the perfect one, its something to spend money on since you use it everyday for a few years, but still. Any other suggestions of where to look?

Still no dishwasher. I appreciate the fact that the home warranty is paying for it, but if it wasn't, we could have already been to Lowe's and bought and installed the thing. The warranty process is taking too long!

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ashley said...

i know they're expensive, but i splurged and got a vera bradley one. LOVED it with all the pockets and ways to organize... they do have a few masculine ones.