Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday morning...

I took my boys to church and dropped them off and have been enjoying a few hours by myself... doing laundry, cleaning out leftovers that people have brought us, and giving sweet Campbell a bath. When I was checking out of the hospital, the baby nurse was giving me directions, and she talked about giving him a bath. She said with her first baby, he got a bath twice a day, second baby, once every other day, third baby was lucky if he got one once a week. So true. Luckily they don't get too dirty.
A few months ago I blogged about maternity clothes. Again, I need to vent. I'm three weeks out, and still can only fit into my maternity clothes, but now I'm not cute and pregnant, I'm fat and sloppy. Very depressing.
It looks like we are safe from Gustov, but I know my mother was so hoping we would have to evacuate to Shreveport. Sorry, Mom.
My first baby is in first grade and has his first loose tooth. Such a big moment. I think that Cooper and especially Cade have grown three inches since Campbell was born. Some of it is perception now that there is a baby in the house, but we swear Cade has grown some this month.
Totally random thoughts, but I had a minute, so I thought I would share.

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Mandy said...

Your kids are so cute! All boys! wow! We make a pair--maybe we should swap for a day! ha!