Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Christy's Picks of the Week

Pick One... an Empty House

Last night was the first night, other than two random nights, that we didn't have any guests since Aug. 4. We had anywhere from one to five people here. It was odd, because as much as I appreciated the help (I now have a sink full of dirty dishes and loads of laundry to do), I really wanted my house back to myself. I am a hermit, and an introvert, and even though people tell you that you don't have to entertain them, I still felt rude staying in my room all day. The best was Jason's grandmother (there is no danger of her reading this) who lectured me on how to do laundry, and talked horribly about the people who come into her Walmart in Tulsa where she is a greeter, with newborn babies with no socks. I didn't tell her Campbell had already been to Walmart twice by the time she arrived. She also complained about another grandchild's spouse who stays in the bedroom the whole time she is there. So, even though I don't blame them and wanted to be in my bedroom, I didn't want her talking bad about me, or talking worse about me than she already does. I also had to hear more than once about a family in Tulsa who's baby was eaten by their dog. I really didn't want to hear that story the first time. Anyway, all that to say, I am so glad that my house is mine again, regardless of the dirty clothes and laundry!

Pick Two... Sid the Science Kid
It premiered today on PBS here, and it is the cutest, most educational show I have seen in a while. Check your local listings and check it out. You will love to watch it with your children, an oddity in the preschool television world, for me anyway.

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