Saturday, September 20, 2008

Update #3

School is out for a whole other week! But our church is using the opportunity to minister to the community by having Camp Ike, a day camp for school age children, and our preschool is starting back again. So I will go home Monday. The cool part is that our weekday director has to go out of town Tuesday night, and she asked me to direct for her while she's gone. She said she knew she could really relax while she was gone knowing I was there, and I was one of the only people she could really trust to take care of it. A huge compliment. I'm not bragging, but as adults there are really few times when people really try to give compliments. I try to catch my kids doing good things and comment on them to encourage them to do well, but as adults we really don't do that often with each other. Some people are better at it than others, but as a whole, we don't hear compliments like that often. All that to say, it made my day.

I forgot that while we were in Bryan, Coop lost his first tooth. Very exciting. I told him the tooth fairy would leave it for me to keep since it was the first. So the next night, he wanted to put it under the pillow again to she if she would leave another dollar. The sinful nature flaring up! Jason and I actually forgot to put money under his pillow, so we had to sneak it into his pillow case while he was looking all around his bed for the money. Very awkward but funny.

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Kim said...

Thanks for updating Christy! And I'm glad you're going to be directing the preschool this week. You know that I know you're awesome at that! And I'm glad others will get a chance to see you're gifts in action in that manner. I'm glad you mentioned that about compliments... I'm going to try to say to others the great things I think about them, and maybe I can make someone's day, too! I'm so thankful y'all are safe and that you can minister to others through all this!
Love ya!
Kim :)