Friday, September 12, 2008

Pray for us...

In case anyone is checking on us, we are in Bryan/College Station. We left Wednesday night at 10:30 and are staying with our friend Lee's parents. Its us, Colette and Lee and their two kids, and Colette's brother Chris and his family. There are 8 kids under the age of 8. Yikes. Each family has a bedroom. When we left, we were thinking it was just to be safe in case the wind blew enough that we wouldn't have power for awhile. Now we are not sure what we will come back to. Its very scary. I realized there is a fine line between saying that you are trusting God and are not worried, and just being in denial about how serious the situation is. We are trying to stay calm so we don't freak the kids out, and trying to get them out of the house alot today since we'll be stuck the next day or two. God has taken care of us so far, gave us wisdom of when to leave (we had no traffic) and provided us a place to stay with wonderful friends. So we have to keep trusting Him. He is in control, and I know years from now we will remember this time hopefully fondly. We are all safe and everything else is just stuff. So besides praying for the Clear Lake area homes, pray for us in this house with 16 people! I'll keep you posted.

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Kim said...

We're praying! Wow! What a crazy house that must be! I'm glad you left when you did, and we're praying Clear Lake stays clear of Ike!
Love to all!