Monday, September 08, 2008

Big Weekend

Thursday night Campbell took his first bottle, sucked it down like nobody's business. Very exciting. It helped him sleep 4 hours! I remember with Cooper that he had a bottle at two weeks and then we didn't give him another one until he was 4 months and he wouldn't take it. Took trying for weeks before he would take another one. I don't think bottles were an issue for Cade. At the hospital with Campbell, the lactation nurse came in and explained to me that there is no reason for a baby to have a pacifier or bottle for the first month so they don't get confused. She even put a card in his bassinet that told the nurses not to give him a pacifier. I let her, and promptly preceded to give him the pacifier the first night home. He likes it, it helps him fall asleep, and both my other boys had a fine relationship with their pacifiers until they turned two, and they went bye-bye.

Saturday Cade had his very first soccer game, and as he said, "I am the best soccer player ever." Doesn't have a big head or anything. Of course, I spent the first quarter in the car nursing, and while in there, tried to start the van to get air, and the battery was dead, so I spent the last quarter in the parking lot with a very nice stranger jumping the van. Cade didn't seem to notice my absence.
Cooper then played his soccer game and later in the day, his first machine-pitch baseball game. Mom was more scared of the 42 mile an hour pitch than he was. Yes, we had three games in one day, and will from now until Nov. 8. Cooper has always played one sport at at time, but Cade has joined the sporting scene now, and Jason (and Cooper) really wanted Cooper to play fall baseball to get better since that appears to be his favorite and best sport. I told him I was not going to that many practices a week, so he agreed to be the head or assistant coach of all three teams so he would be at practice, and he is. So he scheduled the practices back to back, so two nights a week they are gone. Not so bad on my part, except the two weeks he'll be out of town later next month.

Sunday- Campbell's first Sunday at church! I really wasn't ready to come back yet. Most people are back the first week or two, but they have husbands to tote the carrier around all morning or hold the baby, and I don't. My husband leaves on Sunday mornings before we are even awake, and I usually don't see him until lunch. But Cooper was getting his 1st grade Bible, so we needed to go. I just knew that Campbell would sleep the whole time, but nope, first song, eyes popped open, and he preceded to fuss for a long time, no matter what I did. Jason even got up to do the opening for worship and I was hoping he would hear his voice and calm down, but I think it made it worse. So I had to go out in the hallway, leaving Cooper by himself in church, which terrified me. Luckily, our preschool director came by, and carried Campbell around for me until the service was over. That's one advantage of being a minister's wife, everyone is willing to help. Cooper is very proud of his Bible and we read the first chapter of Matthew last night (skimming over the genealogy). I hope he continues to have a desire to be in the Word.
Big weekend! I am tired!

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