Thursday, September 18, 2008

Another Update...

Tuesday we decided to make a change. Not that we weren't very comfy and cozy in Bryan, but when I realized that school was out for at least a week, it seemed like a good opportunity to go to Shreveport. Mom got power back on Monday night, so the boys and I left after lunch on Tuesday and came home to rest. Jason went back to Clear Lake and stayed that night with someone who did have power, and ours came back on Wednesday morning. Yeah! He got a better look at our damage. There is a roof leak because there is a water spot on Campbell's ceiling, and water came in our front door and did some damage to our floors in the entry way. Only a small part of our fence was down. Our trees didn't uproot, but he said the tops were sheered off, so we don't know if they will live or not. But we are very thankful. Our church's power came back on Monday I think, so each morning people are meeting and going out into the community to help with clean up. Jason said parts of town look like a bomb went off and parts don't look bad at all. School is probably starting back next Tuesday, which I am very thankful for. My kids are bouncing off the walls! We will probably go back on Saturday. Our church normally has three services, but we are only going to have one on Sunday, very casual and community building. We are hoping that people will come who wouldn't normally come and can be reached by a helping hand. I'll post some pictures some day, but I may have missed the worst of it. And that's ok.

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