Sunday, July 20, 2008

Christy's Picks of The Week

Kind of a random blog of things...

1st Pick-Mothers! As we speak my mother and mother-in-law are upstairs cleaning my nasty bathroom. How fabulous is that. I hope I can return the favor someday.

2nd Pick-Next Food Network Star and Design Star... I am glad that all three finalists are moving on in the Food Network show because I really don't like any of them enough to know who to like best. And I love both finalists on Design Star, so hopefully their final rooms will clear it up for me.

3rd Pick- This is my favorite one to share with Moms. I have discovered 4 shows on TBN, which normally I wouldn't even stop on. But I started recording them and the kids absolutely love them. God Rocks, Friends and Heroes, Auto B Good, and Bugtime Adventures. They like God Rocks the best, a really cool band that plays scripture songs and cartoons with these rock characters that tell Bible stories. Really cute. If you don't have TBN, check other Christian stations. I am sure they are around somewhere. Highly recommend them.

4th Pick-Husbands, mine comes home tomorrow afternoon! I have never missed him more. I have a doctors appointment at 2:30 and his plane lands at 3:30, so hopefully she says I am good to get up again, although I really haven't felt good this week anyway. I am just so glad to have him home again. I can't imagine being a military wife and doing this for years at a time. Very thankful for him.

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