Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Picks of the Week & Quick Update

My swiffer vacuum - great for our laminate wood floors

Pizza Hut Pasta - we tried all three flavors, they are all great

My new dry erase board above my desk- It has a pretty black frame around it, I taped our Jan. calendar up on it, wrote a scathing Bible verse about watching our tongues, and put which zone of my house I'm supposed to be cleaning this week, which I won't clean I'm sure

We had to take Coops to the dentist today to have a tooth pulled. One of his lower front teeth had been loose for months, and we realized a few weeks ago that the new tooth was already in, way behind the baby tooth. So wonderful Dr. Peters told him he was going to measure it, but instead popped it out. He said he was glad he fooled him because it didn't hurt. So now he is a snaggle tooth because the new tooth is way out of place. I feel I have failed him as a mother. I should have noticed long ago the new tooth. Oh well, I'll get over it. I'll add it to the list of things he can blame me for in the future.

That reminds me, Cooper lost his first tooth while we were in Bryan while evacuating from Ike. He was so excited. We woke up the next morning to realize we had forgotten to put money under his pillow! He was looking for it furiously. I snuck a dollar (yes, our tooth fairy is cheap) to Jason and he asked Cooper to hand him his pillow so he could look in it, and amazingly, there was the dollar! The tooth fairy snuck the dollar into the pillowcase instead of under the pillow. That silly tooth fairy! And the tooth fairy tonight is bringing quarters because that's all I have! I wonder how those will get lost in the bed.

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CDJ said...

do your kids fight over who gets to swiffer? I never thought I'd ever say the words, "Stop it, or you'll be on swiffer restriction!"

Happy belated anniversary. God is Good!

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