Sunday, January 17, 2010

The gospel according to Cade

Cade wrote this epistle today during church, most of it with no help from me. I thought I would pass it on to bring a smile to your face. Oh, the faith of my middle, relational child. I will even spell it his way and translate it if needed. Remember he's in kindergarten.

1. Jesus is helping me in the church all the tim. 2. God will give you what you need. 3. Jesus and God will not get you in truble by the devil. 4. God and Jesus will make you be good. 5. When Jesus and God tells you to be nise you be nise. (That's my favorite) 6. Give some coins to your church. (That's Jason's favorite) 7. In church you haft to lisin. 8. in church you sing to the music. 9. You are spost to yos igdmis. (you are supposed to use instruments, I'm not sure how it got spelled that way). 10. You shd thak God what he gave you. 11. You love God and Jesus.

Oh my sweet child. Brings a tear to my eye. I have a feeling God has great plans for him someday. Maybe even today as you read it.


the bowlin family said...

Absolutely precious! I'm with Jason, "giving coins to the church" is my favorite!

mimiburroughs said...

That is so precious!! God has special plans for him, I'm sure!!! We all need to hear this sermon, huh?

Mitzi Howard said...

Hearing a child's version of the word of God is a precious and beautiful thing. So innocent, pure, and true.