Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Update on Mother's Day Gift

So busy with baseball and VBS planning, but I wanted to follow up on my Mother's Day Gift! So I sent my sweet husband the previously mentioned link from Trades of Hope and told him I would love to get something like a necklace or bracelet from there for Mother's Day, not in any way really expecting that to happen. And it didn't. Instead, he bought me a gift certificate for the website! Score! Even better! So I ordered a necklace AND a bracelet and they arrived this week and I am in love with them. I am not really an accessory type of girl, but over the last year or two I am morphing into one. So I received a blue beaded necklace made in India and a bracelet made in Africa. I love them! Even more because of where they came from and that my husband treated me for Mother's Day. Again, I highly recommend this site. http://www.tradesofhope.com Buying products from them supports women and children around the world who are striving to get out of poverty and slavery. Here's what I bought!

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