Friday, August 29, 2014

Back to School Update

It has been a crazy couple of weeks! I don't think I have ever looked so forward to Labor Day weekend before. I was asking myself the other day when was the last time I was this tired. And I think it was summer before last, during the week of VBS and All Star baseball. But its the good kind of tired, when you are working hard at what God has called you to do. I started my new job mid July and have worked a lot getting fall events ready. Everything started last week, and its all going pretty smoothly with only a few minor kinks, so I can take a breather and get myself into a routine. I still am in awe that God has brought me to my dream job. Its an amazing place to be. Now, my house is a wreck and is currently paying the price for my dream job, but it will get taken care of soon. I've taken spare moments to keep it picked up, but don't look too deep at the bathrooms or dust. The never ending struggle for working moms I suppose.

The boys started school Aug. 7, really early. But we were ready. Summer flew by and we didn't do all that we had thought we would do, but the boys were bored of being home and tired of each other. They were ready for purpose and routine for sure. They are doing really well so far, loving their teachers, making new friends. Coop is much happier in middle school, playing trombone again. Cade is much happier this semester. We knew he wasn't happy last spring, but until you see happy Cade back, we didn't realize how sad he was. And as always, life is a party for sweet Campbell. Cade and Campbell both received the character award for their class this week. Very proud of them.

Sports are starting back. Coop and Cade are both playing soccer, which they haven't played in years. And they are both on select baseball teams, but fall is a little slower baseball wise. Campbell is playing tackle football. Hilarious to see him in his helmet and pads. We'll see if it resembles football at all once they get going. And of course, hubby will help coach whenever he can, and I fill up those water bottles!

Church is still an amazing place to be. We love the worship and teaching each Sunday. Jason's student ministry is busy but life changing. They had a back to school bash this week, and there were 50 decisions made, 10 first time believers! Last Sunday our church had a baptism service at the local reservoir, baptizing 191 people who wanted to identify with Christ. We are so grateful to be in this place, no matter how tired we are. God is good.

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