Monday, May 21, 2007

First day of summer

I'm watching the last few minutes of the Bachelor, even though I watched not one minute of this season. What is it about seeing a man propose to a woman that attracts women so much, even when we do not know one thing about either of them?

We got out of school last week, so today was my first day of summer... at home with my children... all day, with my husband out of town no less. It really wasn't too bad. Today I remembered a big lesson that I have learned before, but when you really put it into practice, it is amazing... its ok to stop doing something around the house to spend a few minutes playing with your kids. I played Skipbo with Cooper today. I had a really good time, and it brought me back to the many hours I spent playing Skipbo with my grandmother as a child. Very good memories.

I also learned another lesson today, when in a public place with your children, watch them very carefully! We were in a drug store, and I was talking to the sales person about getting some pictures developed. The boys were right next to me, browsing through the candy, and Cade asked me if I would buy some really big gumballs, and of course I said no. And I turned my back... big mistake. A few seconds later, a lady tapped me on the back and wanted to tell me that she had bought the gumballs for him because he was so cute, and out the door she went. So for the next 20 minutes I argued with both the boys about if they had asked the lady to buy them the gum (its been done before) and I still really don't know the answer. So don't turn your back! In the midst of the discussion, there was some minor lying involved, and I had already told them we were going to McDonalds for dinner (did I mention my husband was out of town?). So I wasn't sure how to punish them because I needed McDonalds for me! So Happy Meals all around! It was one of those moments as a parent that I'm not sure I handled correctly, but I did the best I could do. So, first day of summer. If its any indication of the rest of the summer, oh boy!


Elizabeth said...

Hey Christy, Glad you are back. Your boys are very handsome. Look forward to hearing more about your summer.

Jeanette said...

Hey Friend!! So great to see your blog! I know I need to call you or email you so we can catch up. I am so glad things are going well for your family. I bet the summer will fly by fast. I love to read blogs so keep it up if you can. Tell your family hi. Jeanette