Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Update on Family

We are great, today. Cooper's honeymoon is over with kindergarten. Not to thrilled about going anymore, missed two days week before last with an ear infection, really tired and grumpy when he gets home. Loving playing soccer, Jason is the assistant coach. Cade loves his teachers, loves going to school, but is going through some phase at home where he is getting way more spankings then he used to. Jason went on a vacation by himself last week to play golf, came back inspired to do some things at church, so that was good. He's really busy as usual.

I am starting to enjoy my baby class. The main one that was crying the first three weeks came in smiling yesterday, so that was exciting. Even though its not my passion, I am finding some enjoyable moments that I cling to. And that makes me excited to get up in the morning. There is one little boy, 10 months old, but so smart. When we do music on Tuesday mornings, he shakes this egg and just jams out with it. I wish I had video of it, it would bring a smile to your face. I am leading a Beth Moore study on Sunday nights, and that is making me accountable to get into the word. I did it first thing this morning and it just made my day so much better. The big thing for us right now is that our church is starting a new ministry for young adults, something much different than our church is used to. We are starting some small groups next month, I am leading a ladies one, and then hopefully in Jan. we will bring the groups together for a worship time one Sunday night a month to start with. Its not different from what a lot of young, exciting churches are doing, but its different for us and this area! I had a contractor come this week to look at my kitchen, waiting for his bid, and it turns out he's done a lot of work at our church, so that's good. My good friend Sarah (Tandberg Belisle)who currently lives 20 minutes from me is moving to Georgia. I am not happy about that, but its obviously God's will, so I will cheer her on! I got a great haircut today, and bought a fabulous iron picture for above my fireplace for 24.99 at Marshalls a few weeks ago. And I think that is about it... that's what happens when I don't update for awhile. I will do better.

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