Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Funny Story and Pick of the Week

Funny story first since I know that is more interesting. Friday morning Jason and I are going to Cooper's school to help with their Harvest Festival, so I needed a sitter for Cade. So a week ago I arranged a play date with a friend who has 3 year old triplets. I saw her this morning and she gave me directions to her house, so we are all set. Tonight I found the sheet that reminds us about the Festival while I was cleaning up my kitchen since my mom is coming... yes, my mom is coming for a few days. So yes, therefore, she will be at my house on Friday morning to keep Cade. She is coming to help me decorate for this dinner at church tomorrow night, and I guess I just compartmentalized the two events and it never crossed my mind that she would be here on Friday to keep Cade. Maybe its not that funny to you, but my friend laughed hysterically when I called to cancel the playdate. Maybe my excuse is that I have a cold and the lack of oxygen to the brain caused it? Maybe?

Ok, pick of the week. I go through stages where I'm really into using coupons, and I'm in the stage now, so I found a great website that gives you access to tons of coupons. Of course when I went to use it tonight, my printer that has said for 6 weeks its low on black ink, finally ran out. Of course! The website is Enjoy.

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ashley said...

i like that excuse - lack of oxygen to the brain due to a cold - i'm going to have to use it... and thanks for the coupon site. i'm a coupon queen. last time i went to wmart i saved $15. yes - 15!!