Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Tapestry Dinner

What is a Tapestry Dinner, you ask. Well, personally, I just think its an excuse for the older ladies at our church to break out their china and show it off. But its a dinner we have in November, ladies only, where hostesses decorate their tables in different ways, and we enjoy a good dinner and some kind of entertainment. So last year I was kind of forced to go for the first time, and once I got over the shock of how much these ladies put into decorating their tables, I really enjoyed myself. So for some strange reason, I volunteered this year to be a hostess. I begin to look around at what I could decorate with, and realized I could decorate two or three tables with all of the blue and white china things I have, so there was my theme. We have to provide our own china and glassware and flatware too, however. My china was covered. When I got married 11 years ago I again was forced into registering for china (I have a hard time saying no to people). I didn't think I needed it, it seemed a waste to me. So I figured that if I received a few place settings I would return them for credit, but my dad bought half the settings and my grandfather the other half, so there is my china. I used it for the first time last Christmas. So this was the second time to use it. I still love it, so that's good. But I realized I only had 4 settings of flatware, and no linens. So Mom to the rescue. I invited her to come down with a trunk load of her stuff to help me out. Did I mention she used to cater, and also has all of my grandmother's things, so she has enough to decorate 5 tables of her own?
We had a great time! And I have to admit that our table turned out beautifully. Lots of people said so. Even yesterday I had a lady stop me at church and tell me that her daughter's favorite table was mine because it was elegant, and pretty, but not over the top. We took way too much up to church to decorate with, the tables aren't as big as they look when they are empty. And two tops to teapots broke in the transporting, but nothing that superglue couldn't fix, just don't look too close. We had great company at our table, it was fun to introduce some of my good friends to my mom. So here is a picture of my table. It doesn't do it justice.

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