Friday, December 28, 2007

Great Christmas Gift!

We have had a great Christmas I must say. Lots of family time, lots of Jesus birthday reminders, amidst the greediness that small children have while opening their presents and not being satisfied with what they received. Jason's parents came to my parents on Wednesday, so that was really fun to spend the day with all of them. Our last present was handed out that night, and our boys were especially disappointed when instead of a fabulous toy (either a Transformers or Thomas item) they received a onesie that says "I love my big brothers". There were tears involved, but they have now warmed up to the idea and are certain it is a girl so they can have a cheerleader. Needless to say, the grandparents were much more excited, lots of screaming and hugging. My mom said she knew when I walked in the door because I had "the glow". I can't see the glow amidst the nausea and tiredness. But tuna fish and macaroni and cheese helps a lot. I will give more details later about how we came to this conclusion after all of my fears and worries as stated in my blog dated July 30th. God story.


ashley said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am SO excited for y'all. Hopefully the boys will get the "cheerleader" they want. If not, they'll have another boy to pal around with:) Good luck and hope you feel better soon... oh, and we're in kansas this december.

Elizabeth said...

WOW!!!!!!! How exciting.
What a fun way to tell. Can't wait to hear more.