Wednesday, May 07, 2008


House- We have gotten alot done the past week, thanks to my parents. My mom came and started painting my cabinets, they look so great. Then my wonderful step-dad Kenneth came and I gave him a short list of to-do's, and he did ten times that much. He even took down this section of cabinets that makes my kitchen look so much bigger. He took the rest of the cabinet doors back to paint them so my mom won't have as much to do next time she comes. When I can get to church and high speed I will post some pictures. I didn't take as many before and afters as I had meant to. My house is completely turned upside down. Its a wreck!
Baseball- The Cardinals are 2nd in our standings, but we beat the 1st place team last night. We play them again on Saturday. I think that will determine how we are ranked when we start the tournament next week. So much pressure for 6 year olds! Maybe they don't feel it as much as the adults do. Last night Cooper got out twice, and cried. I was proud of myself as a mom because I got him to stop and feel better about himself. I said, "you watch the Astros. They get out all the time! You have many years of baseball ahead and many outs. Shake if off." Which now that I write it, doesn't sound that encouraging, but it worked. He was fine after that. Of course, that's why I didn't play sports. I would have been crying all the time.
Baby- Its been a rough month. I have had pregnancy issues that I know are normal, I've just never experienced them before. But one issue I hadn't heard of I think I have. I have had increasingly more pain in my pelvic muscles over the last three weeks, which makes it impossible to pick up my babies (I only have 5 days of school left), hard to get out of bed, get up from sitting, get dressed. I did some research online and decided I have Symphysis pubic dysfunction. (see I tried to tell my doctor this week, but she kind of blew it off. She said if I had that, I wouldn't be able to walk. But I think she was thinking of the more serious version. Anyway, I also got another antibiotic for a sinus infection, and baby sounded great. So on we go! Still no name, today its Campbell Graham. We'll see how long that lasts.

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ashley said...

LOVE Campbell. Go with it... I hope you feel better. I didn't experience the syndrome, but I did have many other issues. I'll pray for your comfort.