Sunday, May 03, 2009

Quick Update and observations

Cooper's team finished the regular season at 11-6, I think. I lost track, but they are in 1st place, playoff tournament is next week. And we are waiting with baited breath to see if he made all-stars, which around here is a big deal. If he did, practice everyday and then traveling games. Whew. I am torn about whether I want him to make it or not! :)
I think posting my last blog into the blogosphere made me straighten up. So I have actually been in the Word almost every day since. I found this mother's Bible study that my friend Kay, a missionary in Singapore, gave me before she went back overseas when she was cleaning out her books. I've had it on my shelf for 3 or 4 years, but God just now led me to get it out. And its really helped me! I can tell small differences in myself, a little more patient (except this morning getting ready for church), going to the Lord more in prayer, a little less sensitive, and I worshipped a little more this morning. Progress!
My observation: A choir from Baylor sang in church this morning, and for the first time that I can remember, I looked at them and thought how young they looked, which then made me feel old! For the longest time, I would see college kids and think they looked as old as I was, or even older and cooler. But today, they looked young and innocent and like kids, and I felt old and like a mother. Does anyone else get that?

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