Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Quick one... but its serious.

I just added a new blog on my follow list, and I realized that 3 of my blogs are from families who have a child with a very serious health issue, and I turned around to see my two big boys trying to make a snow cone and found my little one playing ball, and just thanked the Lord for how healthy they are. But I also live in fear most days that the odds aren't that good that they will all stay that way, and when will the shoe drop. I know I shouldn't live that way, I should just trust God and remember that He loves them even more than I do. But those 3 little sweet children on the blogs are loved just as much as my kids, and they are still struggling. It doesn't seem fair. How and why are they chosen to suffer and not mine?
Sorry for the downer of a blog. When I get a minute, I will update you on our month of traveling. Again, so thankful that we returned home safely. God is good. No matter what.

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