Monday, August 10, 2009

Summer has flown by...

For those of you who were concerned about my security comment about Jason two blogs ago, I will now explain and update you on our crazy summer. I only said that because I get paranoid about who reads this and imagine the worst of people is stalking blogs, waiting for someone to say they are out of town, so someone in Illinois can put all the pieces of my blog together, figure out our names and address, and come down to TX and rob my house. I know, crazy right. But just when I get over that, my mom will email me and remind me of that possibility. So, I can now tell you where we were the entire month of July since we are now home. So don't come rob my house.

Jason left July 3 for two weeks to go to London to do a mission trip with young adults from our church. They went into a public school and taught the kids how to play baseball and American football, and basically hung out, building relationships and sharing about what American Christianity looks like. This was their second summer, so they were continuing to build relationships from last year, which is very important to us. So, because I can't stand my kids for more than 3 days by myself (kind of dramatic, I know, but 3 boys, you try it!), we left on the 6th, and drove to Alexandria, LA and stayed in a 3 bedroom house with 19 people. Jason's aunt, uncle, parents, brother, sister, grandmother, and 3 cousins, with one spouse and 5 kids, so, yes, it was crowded. We had a lot of fun, enjoyed the family time. We stayed there 4 days and then went to my moms in Shreveport for a week. Then I drove the boys to Paris,TX to Jason's parents and dropped them off! Whoee! I went to the TX Baptist Weekday Education Assoc. conference, at strangely enough, FBC Richardson, our former church. Had moments of awkwardness, but even more of seeing some really great people I miss terribly. It was the first time I had been away from Campbell, so every time I showed his picture to someone, which was a lot, I got sad. But it was good for me to not have to share my food, cut up any one's food, change any diapers, or break up fights over channels on the tv.

Then I met Jason's parents in McKinney and got Campbell back from them, and he and I went home to Houston. Jason got home the day before, so it was great to see him. Cooper and Cade stayed in Paris for the week for VBS. I had the best time just being able to play with my baby without distractions. Then Jason's family drove with our boys to New Mexico to Glorieta, and Jason and Campbell and I flew (much better way to travel) and met them there. We had a great week of beautiful weather, good food, and moments of spiritual renewal. There were 8 of us in a two room apartment, so there were moments of mental instability for me, but we made it. Would you believe I did not take one picture! Craziness. Then we flew home, and the boys drove back to Paris, and my mom met them, and drove them back to Houston. So they got home on Aug 1, and had been gone 4 weeks! They were so excited to be back in their own beds!

If you didn't follow that, I am sorry. I so badly want a map I can put on my blog where I can draw lines where we went, and I'm sure there is some way to do it, but I am so not computer smart, so I'm not going to try. The month flew by! School starts in two weeks, and I'm sure that will fly by too.

Campbell turned 1 yesterday. Fastest year of my life. He loved his cake, licked the plate clean. Had a great check up today. Just like Cade at 1, 90% head, 75% height, and 10% weight. Tall, skinny and big head like his momma. Jason and Cooper had a stomach bug this weekend, and so far the rest of us haven't gotten it. Our sweet friends Trey and Randi and their kids braved the illness to come see us this weekend, and that was a sweet time.

So that was our month. At another time I will have to share some of the things I have learned through the month, but that's for another time. Just glad to be home for now!

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