Sunday, March 14, 2010

Some new favorite things...

Fun blog today... some of my new favorite things.
1. "What Would Brian Boitano Do?" on Food Network, Sundays at noon, so yes, you should have to record it! He is so funny, and most of the things he makes, I might actually make someday.
2. Nature's Own 100% Whole Wheat Sandwich Rounds. They look like pita pockets, but have a different taste and texture. You would think it would be like eating the end pieces of a loaf of bread, which I don't like, but its not. Really good! (Thanks Laura)
3. New Passion CD "Awakening", just came out this week, really good!
4. New Danny Gokey CD. I love it! Its just enough country to be considered country, but I'm not a country fan, and I really enjoy it. I actually got it at Lifeway, but I wouldn't call it a Christian album. There are enough references to Jesus to spread the gospel in some way though. Highly recommend it.
5. Addison Road, that's not really a new favorite thing, but after the week they have had, I am so inspired and impressed by them, I am reigniting my passion for them and spreading the word. To read their story, visit They have been through the fire, literally, and are coming out the other side revived. So proud of them.
6. The Paralympics. I watched the opening ceremonies yesterday and was in tears. These people AMAZE me with their passion, talent and determination to succeed while missing legs, arms, being paralyzed, etc. They will be showing a little on the Universal Sports channel from 5-7 this week. I can't wait to watch. I recorded the ceremonies for my kids to watch, so hopefully they will learn about people with disabilities who can move mountains.
7. Baseball season! We had scrimmages this week, and games start after spring break. I love watching my boys play baseball! So fun! Now, watching Campbell makes it a little hard to actually watch the games, but we'll make it work!

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debiachi said...

Christy, thanks for sharing Addison Road's story. I'm Jenny's mom and, like you, I am so very proud of them.