Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Zoo visit

My kids had off school yesterday for a teacher work day (they will have only been in school 8 days out of three weeks after Easter, don't ask me who came up with that schedule), so we headed to the zoo. We hadn't been since last August, so I was so excited to see if Campbell really got into it this time. And he did! It was so much fun! He would get so excited when he saw each animal, especially when it took him a minute to find them. He loved the elephants and the fish the best. He didn't want to pet the goats in the petting zoo, takes after me. And I changed his diaper when the big boys were in the reptile house, so he missed out on the snakes. Darn! Cooper didn't want to go to the zoo, "its boring!". So I made up kind of a zoo bingo game. I made a chart with different things I wanted him to find, like the biggest animal, or animal with stripes, etc. Cade got more into it than Coop did, but even he lost interest quickly. So of course, money is always a good bribe, and I told him I would take a dollar off the money he owed me if he finished the chart, and that worked. Our only problem was a red animal. I had in the mind the red panda bear that we had seen before, but it wasn't being shown this time. So I had to allow him one substitution. I could sit and watch the giraffes and elephants for hours. They facinate me. They have one elephant who is expecting any day now. Elephants are pregant for 22 months, but they can go 30 days either way. And she was 22 months on March 10th. They were helping her exercise when we came by, making her walk around. She was so big! Someone is staying there 24/7 until she delivers, so the zoo keepers are ready too! Thank goodness I was only pregant for 9 months! We had a great time over all. We were all wiped out, almost overslept for baseball. Here are some pictures of our trip.

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big fun times!