Sunday, April 18, 2010

Two random blog entries...

I have had a few blogs in my head floating around, but of course, now that I'm here I can't remember what they were, or they've lost their relevance. Here are two separate blogs, probably shorter than they would have been if I had done them when I first thought about them. Good news for you!

Easter- I told J that I feel bad for my kids at Easter. Easter was always a big deal when I was a kid. I always got new clothes, especially new white sandals. We had a huge lunch at my grandparents and hunted eggs. The Easter Bunny always had lots for us. But being a minister's family, we can't go to family out of town. And boys don't care about new clothes, plus we have hand me downs. The Easter Bunny does come, but they know he doesn't bring much, just candy and little dollar things he found at Walmart. We did hunt eggs one time at a friend's house, but they never asked to do it again. Taco Bell for lunch just like every other Sunday. I did cook a nice dinner, which was different for a Sunday night. But overall, not a big deal. And I guess that's ok. They know what Easter is really about. We did sit down with the big boys and go through the resurrection eggs. They know that its not about clothes, and eggs and big dinners. And I guess that's what's really important. They know its about celebrating, not just the death of our Savior, but more importantly the resurrection of Jesus. Without the resurrection, his death would mean nothing.
It made me sad also to see all the "Easter Bunnies" at church that morning. Somewhere inside of them, they know they are supposed to be at church on Easter, but they don't live with that relationship the rest of the year. That really hurt my heart, to try to live without the peace He gives me living in this stressful world... I can't imagine.

Small Changes- For the weeks leading up to Spring Break, I was very discontent with my life. Nothing major, just little things, feeling out of control. And I began to think of an email I sent to a friend a few years ago when she was discontent with some things. I told her, if you don't like something in your life, either change it or stop complaining about it. I'm not sure how she took it, but it was the Lord speaking to me, and He reminded me of that. So the Monday after Spring Break was like Jan. 1st to me, the start of a new year. And I have made some changes.
I didn't like how tired I was all the time, taking a nap almost everyday, and not liking the extra 10 lbs I still need to lose. So I started walking, and I have lost a little, but more importantly, have more energy. I didn't like how my face looked, and amazingly, if you just wash your face at night, that helps! (I know, I should have learned that in jr high.) I have begun to write my to do list on my wipe board in the kitchen the night before, and that has helped immensely. One, I have a plan when I wake up in the morning, I don't feel like I'm wandering around all day, or losing my list I've made. And two, I can see, and the rest of the family can see, what I've done all day when they come home and can't see the difference in the house. I have cleaned out two of those random laundry baskets full of junk that have collected in my bedroom. I still have a ways to go in organizing that kind of stuff, but its a start. All in all, little things, but I feel more in control, and less frustrated. I encourage you to take stock of the things in your life that are bothering you, and either fix them, or accept them the way they are and stop complaining. Its very freeing!

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