Monday, April 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Cade!

My middle baby Cade turned 6 last week. I realized I didn't have a blog in 2004 when he was born, so I thought someone might be interested in his story. He's a funny one! Since conception! When Cooper was 18 months old, J and I started talking about when we would try for number 2, and in July of 03 we booked a ski trip for Feb of 04 with our friends Kim and Leon. So we decided when we got back from the ski trip, we would start trying. HA! In September, we discovered you shouldn't make plans like that. So I was 6 months pregnant on our ski trip, and sat in the condo during the day learning how to knit! Kim and I could write some great blogs about that trip.

Before the trip, we had our sonogram, found out it was a boy, but then were concerned at how quiet the technician was, not encouraging. We found out that Cade had some not-normal things, by themselves, not an issue, but together, were concerning. So we got to have a really cool ultra sonogram. I don't remember what the actual term was. Cade had a two vessel umbilical cord instead of three, and had some spots on his brain. But everything else looked fine. We could actually see him pee in the picture. The doctor said he had never seen that before. Very funny. We had to wait a month and go back for another sonogram. At that one, the spots were gone, so no problems! I had to have a sonogram every month after that to make sure he was growing since he wasn't getting as much nutrients as normal.

So, we go skiing, and when we got back from the trip, I got my annual sinus infection that I get every Feb, only this time, it went into an upper respiratory infection and then into pregnancy induced asthma. I was so sick! I slept in our den for almost a month, first sleeping on our big chair and ottoman. I would sit Indian style on the chair with a big stack of pillows in front of me to lean on. That only worked a little bit, then I slept sitting completely vertical on the couch, waking up every 2 hours to take breathing treatments. I was on basically bed rest for a few weeks. I was so miserable!

I was almost well at about 35 weeks, but still really miserable pregnancy wise, a feeling I had not experienced with Cooper. At 37 weeks, I just knew he was coming. Told my teachers that day good bye, packed my bags, and waited. I had my baby shower the day before and people said they could tell I was done. Monday afternoon I went in to be checked because I just knew I was in labor, and I was 4 cm, but not in labor. But 2 am Tuesday morning, back labor started. By the time we go to the hospital at 5:30, I thought I was going to die. I have never felt pain like that. Epidurals are wonderful things! And at 7:46 AM, my Cade entered the world, 3 weeks early but weighing a healthy 6 lbs 11 oz! Cade left me with a stomach full of stretch marks that are still there 6 years later. I am sure someday I will feel proud of them, but I'm not there yet.

Cade is my emotional, relational, passionate child. My other two started sleeping through the night at 10 weeks, Cade 10 months! My other two took half an hour to nurse, Cade 5 minutes, from day 1 until 11 months, he had better things to do! Cooper has to this day, never thrown a fit. Cade, 10 months old was banging his fists on the ground when he didn't get what he wanted! But, he is so compassionate and sympathetic. He has always been a good judge of people, would not like certain people he met, even as a baby, and we would find out later, that person was really not a nice person. He is crushed when he does something wrong if it hurts someone else. Now, if he's just disobedient, its ok. He is loud and whiny at home, but at school, apparently is an angel. He is an amazing baseball player, naturally gifted, but also has learned from watching brother. He learned how to read really fast, and now is in the top reading group in kindergarten, reading chapter books. But still loves to watch Blues Clues with Campbell. His first haircut was fine, but after that, he screamed like we were killing him. The professionals said not to bring him anymore, and for years, J and I had to hold him down in the locked bathroom to cut his hair. He is fine now. Cooper could take or leave Campbell when he entered the family, but Cade has always watched out for his little brother. So, there are days when Cade wears me out emotionally, but he makes up for it when he gives me a hug, thanks me for the dinner he didn't want to eat, and makes me sweet cards. I wouldn't trade my surprising, passionate, relational child for anything. Happy Birthday Cade!

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