Sunday, May 16, 2010

Funny illustration in church today

I am so behind in my blogging. I have a couple of really good ones, but this one is from today, just funny.
Our interim pastor, Dr. Robert Sloan, started a new series today on the family, and today was marriage, out of Gen. 2. Jason had to give the welcome and intro. So he told the congregation how we like to stay up late and watch Jeopardy together. Last week the final Jeopardy question topic was Biblical rhymes. The answer was "This is what a man must do with his parents and his wife." (Or something close to that. I didn't realize how hard it would be to actually write a Jeopardy question) So Jason and I in unison, said, "What is leave and cleave". But none of the contestants, who had accumulated tons of money on many other topics, knew the answer. So Jason's point was, these brilliant, successful smart people by the world's standards knew nothing of God's blue print for marriage. Great point.
Dr. Sloan gets up later to give his sermon, and asks if Jason is still in there, which of course he isn't. And Dr. Sloan says, "I was going to tell him that if he and his wife are up late watching Jeopardy, then maybe I need to explain the definition of cleave to him!" Everybody died laughing. Somebody yelled something and he said, "yes, maybe he's the one in jeopardy!" I felt myself turning bright red, and wanted to crawl under the pew! I tried to just smile like it was funny, and it was, but oh I was embarrassed!!! The joys of being a minister's wife!

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CDJ said...

that's a hoot!