Wednesday, September 01, 2010

I've given up on my Bible reading plan...

Kind of, sort of, not really. Believe it or not, being at a Baptist conference at Glorieta in August got me off my Bible reading plan. Being in 1 or 2 worship services and a Bible study everyday and spending the rest of the time running around with the inlaws, I got way off schedule. So when I got back, and realized how far behind I was, I had to ask myself what was more important, keeping up with the plan, or really spending time in the Word and with God. More than one worship song at Glorieta talked about not being in a hurry, waiting on God, resting in him, sitting at his feet. So I realized I knew what books I was supposed to be reading in, which will keep me focused on something, but I don't have to get in the trap of checking things off the reading list. I can easily fall into that trap!
So I am now on Psalms 101 and Romans 13. I don't know where I should be and am going to force myself not to look at the schedule. So I won't finish reading the Bible in a year, but that's not important. I have had some sweet time in His Word, I find myself longing for a few minutes to spend with Him, and I am reading with fresh eyes and ears, seeing things I have never seen before. I have realized the past weeks that my prayer life is deeper, I'm going to Him more frequently and with everything. I've caught myself changing my attitude about things that would have annoyed me weeks ago, both with my husband and kids, and my church family as well. I have turned off the tv at times of the day when I used to would have had it on just for noise or to fill my boredom. Now I want to use that time for more productive things. I have also turned off shows that I used to watch consistently and now realize are not things God would have me watch. (For instance, I just turned off the tv, there is nothing on, I used to would have kept flipping until I found something mindless, primetime is tv time!) God is giving me more and more opportunities to serve Him through many different outlets. And worship is more meaningful! I am so thankful! Its amazing what spending time in His Word will do for you. You would think in my 27 years as a Christian, with all that I have experienced and been taught, this would have not come as such a surprise to me. Don't get me wrong, there have been times when I have been really in love with His word, but not since I had kids.
A part of me wonders if He has brought me to this place to prepare me for something bad coming up. I have often used that as an excuse to not sit at His feet. But the strange thing is, now that I'm here, I don't care anymore. Bring it on! I'm ready. Oh my goodness that's scary! Breathe Christy, breathe! I still mean it, but its hard to say. I know He is in control regardless. His ways are higher than mine, thank goodness.

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mimiburroughs said...

Loved your post!

We must always remember that if problems do come...and they will...He will be there with us, give us whatever we need to get through it, and be closer to Him afterwards! Hard to understand...and we won't until we're there & through it! That's where our faith & trust comes in play! We must believe, have faith & trust that God is who he says he is and will fulfill all His promises! (that's nothing you don't already know...huh?)

Thanks! Have an awesome day!!