Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Less deep, more updating...

This is just a post to update everyone on our lives, not a deep meaningful one!

School started, boys are having fun. Cade was bored last week, said he knew everything and should have skipped first grade. Campbell started MDO yesterday, won't hold on to the ropes to walk with, seems scared of them. Very strange!

The first week of Aug we were in Glorieta, NM with the inlaws for Music week. Had a good time, really enjoyed the weather. Second week was Preschool Playdays that I directed. Had a great week! Mom came in to keep Campbell for me, and was very helpful. I finally got my internet and phones working correctly since high speed had been installed in Jan. Third week was getting ready for school, going to the zoo, doctor's appointments, meet the teacher and me prepping for weekday teacher inservice. And then school started and 3 days of inservice. I taught 5 sessions I think. I love teaching teachers! I hope the Lord allows me to do more of that in my life. We had a lot of fun, or I did at least. I think the teachers did too!

Preschool started this week. I'm the Spiritual Curriculum Coordinator and sub. My schedule changed today, but as of now, I'll be working Mondays and Thursdays and Campbell will be going Monday/Tuesday/Thursday. Melissa and I sat down today and came up with ideas for me to implement this year with teachers and parents. I'm really excited to get the year started!

Jason and I started a new weekend Bible study class Sunday morning and we had 12 people!!! Very exciting! Its really strange to start a class from scratch, knowing your goal is to build community with this group of mostly strangers. But we'll get there. Jason and I haven't been in a class together in 7 years I think. He wasn't really there Sunday, but he'll be there more as the year gets going.

I'm trying to get back in the groove of things with routines around the house, but I'm not there yet. We won't talk about how long its been since I cleaned our shower.

Cooper had his first football game last Saturday. It was a lot of fun, but very hot. He's having a good time and learning a lot. Cade starts fall baseball Friday. Only one game and practice a week and they don't keep score. Very laid back compared to spring. He's moving up to machine pitch, so he's a little nervous, but excited to start. I think he's been a little jealous of football. Football practices have caused us to have dinner together at home at 5 each night, and its kind of been nice to have that structured time and schedule. I almost don't mind cooking. Almost!

I think that's about it for now. That's plenty! Our lives are full, but blessed. I am very thankful for all that God is doing.

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