Monday, January 09, 2012

My Cool Christmas Present

My momma got me two great gifts for Christmas. One was a new scale (not sure what that says about me). My old scale was a rotary dial, not accurate at all. The scale I weigh on at work that is my official weigh in is digital to the half pound. But this baby is digital to the tenth of a pound. Ouch! But its cool.
My other cool gift is a Nook Simple Touch. She offered to get me a higher model, but I'm just beginning to consider using a tablet to read books as opposed to the real thing. I love books, the smell of them, the feeling of the pages as I turn them, being able to underline things and dog ear pages. So I wasn't sure I wanted to spend too much money on something that I might not use much. But I really like it. Not enough to go all in, but the pages look amazing, its so light weight, and its awesome to be able to download a book from my library website and begin reading it immediately. I wanted to get a cover for it, so I took a quick trip to my local Barnes and Noble and was disappointed to see now not attractive yet expensive their covers were. So I came home and used good old Amazon and ordered THIS. It came today and it is beautiful! Love it! Just wanted to give a suggestion to anyone else who may have gotten one for Christmas. Don't cave to the pressure of buying a genuine Nook cover. Not necessary. Happy Reading!

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