Thursday, April 05, 2012

Lent Update

I haven't been doing so well on some aspects of Lent, but doing well on others. I'm doing really well with the giving up chocolate. Once I got past the first week, it hasn't been so hard. I just read the other day that each Sunday is like a mini-Easter, and you can partake of the thing you have given up. I somehow had missed that, but its probably better if I don't partake at all for now. I'm looking so forward to a chocolate bunny on Sunday! I'm not doing so well on reading through the NT in 40 days with my church. I am waaaay behind, and thought I could catch up before Sunday, but since its only 3 days away now, I'm not seeing that happen. That makes me really frustrated at myself!
I wasn't doing too well on the cutting back on facebook thing. I had even taken it off my toolbar at the top, but that had only made me learn how to type it out faster. But I was really convicted this past week about it. In a Bible study I'm doing right now with some ladies on Sunday nights, we read about saying "I can't" about certain things in our lives, but we really needed to give that to the Lord and say "I can!" So, I decided for the week before Easter I would completely give up facebook to maybe focus more on the Lord. Monday was really hard! But each day has gotten easier. I did break down on Tuesday and look at it for 2 minutes to check on my Dallas friends after the tornado. But I really did fly down the page only looking for mentions of the tornado and got right back off. I'm not sure that I have taken the extra time to focus on the Lord, but I have gotten more done around the house. And I spent more time yesterday working on VBS, which I really needed to do. Its all a priority thing, and I hope this facebookless week will help me realize that I am not missing out on much not looking at it all day, and show me that I CAN get along just fine without it. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, even stay off facebook!

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