Monday, April 23, 2012

Update on George and Friends

Someone in church yesterday asked me how George was doing, so thoughtful. So I thought I better update. Susan is flourishing in her new pot. She will probably need to be re-potted again in another month or two. Luckily I bought two pots at the same time, so if I can steal it back from Cade who is currently using it for markers and crayons (really cute by the way), she will have another one waiting when she is ready. Monica has had no change. Still no flowers. I have decided she is probably a calla lily, but I'm not for certain. And George, sweet George, I think is going to make it. All of the original leaves that were left when I re-potted him have died, but there are new leaves. My mom came last weekend, and pruned him even more, but she thought he was going to survive. On beautiful spring days like today, I take them outside for some fresh air, and George and Susan seem to like that, but Monica, not so much. She seems to wilt.
We actually have two new plants in our house. Cade brought home a cup with sunflower seeds, but I have yet to see anything sprouting. I think it will somehow disappear when he's not looking. But Campbell brought home a cup with grass already growing in it, and he put it in his room, and that grass is growing leaps and bounds. However, I went in his room today and there were bugs on the grass. How did that happen? So the grass joined the other friends outside, where it will stay until... it dies I guess?
Here are updated pics. 

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