Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Welcome to Summer!

I officially declared yesterday, June 25th, the first day of my summer. Yes, I know most of your summers started a month ago, but not mine. The first week of my boys' summer was the week before VBS, and since I was one of our directors, that week was busy with all the last minute crazy details of getting ready for VBS. Then the second week was VBS itself, very successful but tiring. And then last week my grandfather passed away (another blog on that to follow) so I spent the week at home with my parents celebrating his life. So last Friday was technically my first day at home with nothing important to do, but starting summer on a Friday just didn't sound right, so therefore, Monday June 25th started my summer.

The good part about that is that my summer is much shorter now! Back in May I made a comment on Facebook about how I had 3 hours of freedom left before I had at least one kid at home for three months, and I know that lots of moms were looking forward to spending summer with their kids, but I was not one of them. I got lots of implied (inferred?) flack for that. Some people commented that I should enjoy every minute with them because they grow up and then that time with them is gone. Yes, I understand and appreciate that and know that it is true, but it doesn't help right now. There were also some comments from home schooling moms about how summer isn't any different for them. Home schooling moms are saints to me, and God has not called me to that sainthood. Some people verbally told me they totally understand and feel the same, but they did it verbally, as if they were embarrassed to think that way. And then someone posted on her facebook page, not to me directly, but I got it, that she was tired of moms saying they weren't looking forward to summer with their kids when as a working mom she would like nothing more then to be home all the time and we should count our blessings. I do totally count my blessings that I can only work part time. I know its a gift, but again, that doesn't help when I'm home with 3 boys in summer and its 103 today outside, not counting the humidity, and because I don't have a paycheck in the summer, there is not extra money to go do fun things like water parks, etc. We also have one still playing baseball so he can't wear himself out during the day to prepare for his evening game. Maybe its because I have 3 boys. They are harder to come up with creative things for, at least for me who is not a creative mom. And even worse, 1 of the 3 is constantly moving, cannot entertain himself, and if left to his own devices will find something to get in trouble with. God has made me an introvert, I need quiet periodically to recharge, and that doesn't happen often in this house in the summer.

But it is summer, so time for some goals. That seems to help.
1. Clean out and rearrange the play room, again.
2. Fix my blog. I have lost my music and my slide shows recently, lots to fix.
3. Work on photo albums, not scrapbooks, just photo albums.
4. Come up with at least one fun, out of my comfort zone, thing to do with the boys each week.
5. Get the boys to read a book, or two.
6. Clean out toys that have been left in the dust.
7. Organize all my computer photos. Way too many!
8. Research starting my own home business. (I have something I want to sell, but I need to do some more looking in to it. For those of you who know me well, know that I have never wanted to sell anything, but I'm actually excited about this possibility.)

I know there were more, but now that I'm writing them down, I can't remember them. The picture at the top is a banner I made for the boys for the last day of school when they got home. I drew pictures of all the fun things we could do this summer. Positive thinking! I can make it!

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