Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Little Blue Chair

When Cooper was a toddler, Jason's grandmother gave him this little blue armchair and I bet she had no idea how much pleasure it would bring him and the next two Gadman boys. Its been in two houses and either our bedroom or the den for prime TV watching. I think Campbell has enjoyed and used it the most. We've had it 10 years now, and it is NASTY! Its starting to fall apart and there are so many stains on it from food, accidents, and leaking diapers, but I just can't bring myself to get rid of it. Cade is sitting in it as I write watching TV. It will break my heart one day when I have to chunk it. I threw away the Blue's Clue potty seat last week and did not shed one tear. I almost wanted to have a party to celebrate, but the chair is different. Here are my favorite pictures of the little blue chair. My most favorite you will see is Cade sleeping in it. The really funny part is we were selling our house in Plano and someone called to come see it, but I refused to wake him (you never wake a sleeping toddler) so they walked right by him sleeping in that chair. They thought it was so cute! I don't think that's what sold the house, but I am sure it didn't hurt. My other favorite memory is the video below. Campbell taught himself how to walk using the chair. I have proof! Enjoy!

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