Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Observations of a 3rd child

My older boys and hubby were away at children's camp last week, so it was just me and the little one for 5 days. I was dreading it because he can get under my skin quicker than anyone. But we really had a great time together. We had two play dates, went to the park and fed ducks, played at McDonalds, library, and had the added joy of dog sitting for our friend Terri while she was on a mission trip, so we had Gracie as a distraction. I let him sleep with me at night, and I think I slept better with him in bed with me, minus the kicking.

I realized at the end of our time together that he had been an angel for the most part. He hadn't whined, complained, pitched any fits, argued or been disrespectful. He got himself dressed, put on his own shoes and when I asked him to do something, he did it. Amazing! He was really enjoyable. And then... the brothers returned, and all the bad qualities that drive me nuts returned. Revelation! Either he acts that way because they get on his nerves, or more likely, he feels like he has to fight for attention. He no longer can get himself dressed or brush his own teeth or eat his dinner. And while Monday morning he walked right into his class at church, this morning, he pitched a walleyed fit! So embarrassing.

We had some sweet friends over today and she kept commenting how much Campbell reminded her of her third child, so apparently its not just mine. But I need to figure out how to fix it. Hopefully when school starts in a few weeks he will get in a routine and some of this will wear off, but I guess I need to pay more attention to him so he doesn't have to fight for it? But I feel like he is all I pay attention to already. I don't know how to pay more attention to him! I do think a routine will help immensely. I hope! Or maybe when he turns 5 in two days, some magic change will over take him.

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