Friday, July 18, 2014

Summer Vacation 2014

Don't get too excited. We didn't go anywhere exotic or new. We decided pretty last minute we needed to go somewhere, and for some reason if we aren't going to Disney, we just can't make a decision of where to go. So we spent a few days at my moms in Shreveport. They put in a pool this past winter so my kids want to live there now. And then we went to Dallas. The two big boys were 2 and 4 when we moved away and we don't remember that they had ever been back, sadly. We showed them our house where two of them lived, and neither remembered it. :( We went to FBC Richardson Sunday morning for church. Jason warned the boys that there might be lots of people who knew them and wanted to pinch their cheeks and give hugs, and they wouldn't remember any of them. I was not sure that would really be the case, since we've been gone for 8 years. But as usual, he was right. There was almost a receiving line of people who wanted to say hi. It was a special time to see so many people who had been a part of our lives and ministry. We had an amazing lunch with some awesome friends and their kids, a sweet dinner with some other friends, and some pool time with a great family. It was so great to introduce our kids to so many people that we love and mean the world to us.

On Monday, we went to Six Flags and the Rangers game. Yes, we did both in the same day. But it was pretty good, not huge crowds, not too hot. And the Rangers were playing the Astros, convenient. We were torn, not sure who to root for. Astros won, surprisingly. Needless to say, by the time we got back to the hotel, and we had to have baths because we were all stinky, it was really late and we were really tired! But we had a blast!

Six Flags was a study in the differences in my kids personalities for sure. My sweet middle child would stress in every line about the plan of who was riding with who, and how many could be in each car, and what if we get separated. So cute. Little one never ran out of energy, could have stayed all day, riding the biggest roller coaster that he was barely tall enough for, or the ones made for toddlers that only went around in a circle. He didn't care. Just keep moving. My oldest, calm, even keeled, no, I don't want to ride that, I'll just hang here. Two of them took a turn with Daddy riding the Texas Giant. One of them got off and was pale as a ghost. I think it broke him because he didn't talk for about 20 minutes after. The other got off and said "that was awesome!", and one said, no thank you. I'll let you figure out which was which. And yes, I also said no thank you.

On our way back we spend one more night in Shreveport and got to see my brother which doesn't happen often. I think we had Tex Mex four times in a week, and saw lots of great people. Here are some pics for your viewing pleasure. Great memories for a last minute trip.

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