Thursday, July 03, 2014

Walking... Part Two

I'm at my momma's but I have walked twice already. Its hard when you travel, having to find a different route. When I got ready to walk last night she asked me if I was going to take a stick. Why would I need a stick? Snakes. Excuse me! I don't think so. She said she had seen two dead ones in the road the past few weeks. Ok, then the snakes are dead. That is what I chose to believe as I headed out, stick-less. I prayed that if there were snakes, the Lord would keep them hidden from me. Two walks so far, no snakes. Fingers crossed.

I have discovered that the key for me to keep my pace up when walking is a good play list. And I am a believer that there is plenty of great Christian music to walk/work out to. You might as well be building up your spirit as you are building up your body. On my playlist right now are four songs from Hillsong Young and Free, two songs from Hawk Nelson, and For King & Country, Capital Kings and Unspoken.  Other great options would be The Afters, Sidewalk Prophets, Citizen Way, Toby Mac, Audio Adrenaline, the Newsboys and classic DC Talk. I'll probably change out some songs next week to keep it fresh. My playlist is 33 minutes long so I strive to get through all of the songs to time myself. Every day I feel better, walk faster, and I've lost another pound. Lets just hope I don't gain the weight back while I'm on vacation this week. The other question is when I start my new job next week, will I be able to keep up my walking schedule. New job? Yep, and that will be my next post! ;)

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