Friday, June 27, 2014

Observations of Walking

I've been walking almost every day for the past few weeks and really enjoy it now. I've made a few observations as I walk my subdivisions and the three around us.
1. I need to get a college banner, sign, statue something for our yard. We are in the minority without one. People have warned us that when college football season starts in the fall, we will be shocked at the craziness that will ensue around us. We are LSU fans, so I guess I need to go buy something to show our allegiance.
2. If I don't go college, then I need to go Saints or buy a big "G" for our front door. Yes, this is the Saints emblem in Christmas lights.

3. There are 14 houses in our subdivision for sale, including our next door neighbors, so you should move here.
4. There are these things here called "hills". They make it much harder to walk. Dallas and Houston did not have these strange things. My legs are jelly today.
5. I love walking at night. Its much cooler than the morning and I make sure I am walking facing the sunset. Its beautiful and the sky is huge.
6. This is what it look likes if they take out your driveway. This is one of the houses for sale. I'm sure they will put the driveway back if you decide to buy it.

7. Walking has become imperative as I am home all day with the kids. It gives me 30 minutes of peace. And I have great music on my phone, so it lifts my spirits at the same time. Very proud of myself!

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