Wednesday, June 25, 2014

My favorite things right now...

Didn't enjoy my blog the last two days? What? You didn't read it? Didn't you know there is a special code to read my invisible blog posts from the last two days since I am writing 7 days in a row? No, I didn't write them. I did do the other two things on my list which were more personal. My blog is kind of just fun! I have a really good one ready to write, but I have to wait for the right timing. I'm hoping I can before the end of my 7 days.

So, my favorite things for this week:
1. My brother got me a Target gift card for my birthday. And yesterday I was working on my computer, clicking the buttons on my wired mouse, over and over again to get it to work. And I thought, I am done with this, got my purse, got in my car and went to Target and bought this beauty with my gift card. WHY did I wait so long to get a wireless mouse? Its awesome!


2. Listen to the sounds outside my back patio. I am 99% sure its frogs. I am not really a fan of frogs in general but the sound makes me feel like I'm in the country.

3. I have struggled with dark circles under my eyes forever, and found this a few weeks ago. Its done the best job of anything I have tried.

 4. I love the gas lanterns outside my house. A lot of the houses in our subdivision have them. We don't keep them lit all the time, but we had some people over the other night so we lit them. And the next night when I got home from my walk, I took a picture. They just make me feel so welcome!

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K Locanto said...

They are beautiful lanterns Christy.